Vote for Kellie in the republican primary June 9th

My Goal

Honest representation for the people of North Georgia. My primary focus:

  • Protect our second amendment rights because the right to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government is what protects the rest of our God given rights.
  • Institute term limits on elected offices. Serving in Congress is a civic duty, not a career! It is time Congress recognizes they work for the people, not themselves. On day one, I will introduce legislation for term limits.  2 terms for the Senate , 4 terms for the House 
  • Improve our mental health system.  I want to rebuild our Mental Health Infrastructure to provide more resources for the mentally ill and those in crisis. This will help reduce the prison and homeless population. 

Why Me?

Over the years running Georgia Gun Store I have earned a reputation for honesty and fairness. I want to be the 9th district representative to help my neighbors, as well as my country, prosper and stay strong so our children can inherit the same great country we did. 


Help Our Cause

  Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and put an Honest Representative in Congress

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